Voters Try To Make Sense Of City Charter Amendment Questions

Bill Irish
Bill Irish

HONOLULU (KHNL) - This year, voters get to decide on 12 City Charter Amendments, but some find the questions difficult to understand.

One voter said it took him a half hour to get through the 12 questions.

But members of the Charter Commission say it's important for voters to cut through the legal terms and decide some issues that affect everyone.

Can cyclists on Oahu benefit from more bike lanes? Just one Charter question for you to decide.

Fidel Salcido says, "It's a little dangerous for a lot of them and I think they should have a bike path."

Voter Jacky Jaeger explains,  "We moved here from Denver, they had a great bike path system and we'd like to see that instituted because if Honolulu had a nice bike path."

But voters say two questions about the term limits for City Council Members are confusing.

Voter Bill Irish is frustrated as reads the questions, "Charter question number one on 2006 ballot reads, should City Council term limits be replaced by A or B below.

The problem was I thought to myself what happens in the booth.  In my own office with all of the answers it took me a half hour to vote. I don't think I'm a genius but I have a fair education and I should be able to read a voting ballot."

Jacky Jaeger says she's a confident voter.  "I know the election date is creeping up on us so I stopped by the Hawaii Kai library and got copy of the Charter issues and last night we read them at the dinner table and talked about them."

Jaeger suggests breaking down the paragraphs to make them easier to understand, "I think I'm ready to vote now."

Salcido adds,  "I think I'll take more time and go over them before Tuesday. Probably go over all of them. I think a lot of people should, it's an election, let's do it."

Good advice from Fidel Salcido. If you still haven't decided on the Charter Amendments you can go over the issues online at or call the Charter Commission Office at 592-8622.