City Council Considering Five Routes To Link Manoa To West Oahu

Mitch Anicas
Mitch Anicas
Tim Crawford
Tim Crawford

(KHNL) - Every weekday cars pack the University of Hawaii's campus as students and faculty make their way into Manoa.

"Traffic is horrible," said UH student Roseanne Enoka. "I lived on the mainland my first year of school and it was better."

Three of the five routes the Honolulu City Council is considering for a rail transit system would connect UH Manoa and West Oahu.

"I think it's a great idea because there's lots of traffic and probably save people gas money," said UH student Mitch Anicas.

But some students don't think rail is right for Oahu.

"It's a good idea to try to unconjest traffic but it's really going to take away the beauty of the island and the naturalness of it and the trees," said student Tim Crawford. "Now you're going to see concrete slabs all over the place."

Some students say this isn't just about going to and from campus. Many use their cars to go work or drive to other activities off campus, places a rail line may not go.

"As far as coming to campus I think a lot of people would use it," Enoka said. "But going other places I think they would still use their cars."

As for increasing the general excise tax to help pay for rail, UH students are split over that issue as well.

"Well nobody likes taxes but you've got to pay for it somehow," Anicas said. "Same with everything else."

"I don't think everbody wants a rail system so I don't think its fair that everyone would have to increase their taxes," Enoka said.