Pali Highway Re-opens In Time For Morning Commute

Scott Ishikawa
Scott Ishikawa

By Beth Hillyer

(KHNL) - Crews worked 30 hours straight to clear that massive landslide.

State Department of Transportation Spokesman Scott Ishikawa explains, "We are gonna open both lanes of the Pali tonight and it's definitely, definitely going to be open for tomorrow morning so it looks like the morning commute will be much better tomorrow compared to last couple of days."

The rain-soaked hillside gave way Wednesday morning and brought town bound traffic to a halt.

Ishikawa remembers the call, "When they said another mudslide nobody knew the magnitude of how big this was. One of our guys called and said you better get down here, it's closed in both directions. Just to look at you blows you away."

Ishsikawa says luckily the morning commute was over. "The fortunate thing is that nobody got seriously hurt."

The debris covered all four lanes.

By Thursday morning one lane was clear.

With Chopper 8 overhead, commuters headed into town in lanes set up for contra flow.

Ishikawa praises the workers, "I think the DOT staff and Tajiri Lumber deserve credit. They worked 30 hours straight. It shows you what it took to get it back in order. They had 80 truckloads they hauled away."

Engineers determined the danger is over.