Passing Political Thoughts

Some piecemeal, political thoughts:

I have noticed a number of politicians standing in the rain recently on the side of the road waving signs. I was pondering whether I should give them credit for being strong and braving the elements, or consider them nincompoops for not coming in out of the rain or holding an umbrella. Whatever, I still prefer a well-written brochure and website detailing their vivid plans to help our community. Roadways are for cars, not diversionary tactics.

Whenever I hear that a politician is "a strong supporter of education", I always wonder- as opposed to what? No education? Being a strong supporter of ignorance and stupidity? And if our current legislators are such strong education supporters and proponents, why then don't things seem to be progressing faster in our overall system by most national standards?

Anyway, you actually get to have a say next Tuesday, so don't miss your opportunity to make a difference by electing those that you think can really make a positive difference. Think about it...