Justice For Porky

MILILANI (KHNL) -- The garage where Porky died still has blood stains, streak marks from when the hunters dragged him to his death. Owners of the five-year-old, 300-pound pig are still in shock and can't believe their pet is gone.

"We felt so helpless and so vulnerable that this crime could take place, that people could walk in to our home with knives, and dogs and whatever weapons they may have had, just take, steal and kill in front of our very eyes," said the Mililani woman who helped take care of Porky.

The Honolulu Police Department is now trying to identify the hunters.

Porky's owners feel the law is stacked against them. They say the night Porky was stabbed, officers told them they need to keep the suspects on the property in order to file charges.

"We asked them how can we do this when people have dogs and weapons, and more things than us? How can we restrain people like that?" asked one of Porky's owners.

"You don't walk to somebody with a gun and a knife and hunting dogs and tell them, 'Hey, stay over here while I call the cops.' It's just not common sense," said one of Porky's other owners.

Charges against the suspects can range from criminal trespassing to hunting on private land, both misdemeanors. Or a more serious charge of theft of livestock which is a felony.

Witnesses say they are willing to come forward.

"We felt so helpless and so vulnerable," said one of the witnesses.

Porky's owners say nothing they do will bring him back, but they're moving forward so other pet owners hopefully won't have to suffer the same trauma.

Porky's story continues to touch many people. An anonymous viewer is offering a $1,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of Porky's killers. Police urge people to file formal complaints because without witnesses testimony, this case and other's like it can't move forward.