A Family Pet Is Slaughtered, Hunters Remain On The Loose

Porky appeared in an airline TV commercial earlier this year
Porky appeared in an airline TV commercial earlier this year
Hunters stabbed Porky to death in the garage of his owner's home
Hunters stabbed Porky to death in the garage of his owner's home

MILILANI (KHNL) - Porky was a pet pig who had a starring role in a local commercial. Now Honolulu Police are searching for hunters who slaughtered him. We caution you some of the images in this story are disturbing.

Five years ago a Mililani family found the orphaned pig when he was a baby.

They playfully named him porky. He grew into a 300 pound gentle giant and even starred in a TV commercial. But a couple of unscrupulous pig hunters only viewed porky as prey.

This is porky, a gentle, well-trained pet pig. Like a dog, he knew commands including sit and stay.

One tenant on the farm recalls, "Porky loved fruit, I befriended him holding an apple out and I developed a friendship by feeding him apples."

He even appeared in an airline ad.

Porky lived on a lychee farm behind Mililani Mauka. A week ago Sunday, 11 at night two pig hunters ignored signs that say no trespassing and no hunting

They hiked up to the house where porky was sleeping.

A witness asked to have her identity concealed because she's worried about retribution.

The tenant says, "Near our house just a few feet away we heard Porky's screech like we never heard before."

They heard a pack of dogs, "When we came out there was a man that jumped out of the dark."

Porky ran into the garage.

She remembers, "It was very dark and you couldn't see anything but you could hear the dogs biting".

Reporter Beth Hillyer says, "Now the thing that makes this incident so brutal is that several tenants repeatedly asked the hunter to call off his dogs to let Porky go but he didn't. "

The witness explains, "This was our pet pig, this was very clear this is our pet pig and get off our private property."

They thought the hunter went in the garage to call off his dogs but instead he stabbed the pig several times.

The tenant explains, "By the time it was over the dogs were biting at Porky and the man dragged the pig from the back of our washer and dryer it was obvious he was dead."

The hunter tried to drag off Porky until the family called 9-1-1

The witness adds, "It wasn't until my husband said Porky is dead that I realized he's really dead and I just screamed."

The family filed a police report and they want justice. Police recovered the hunter's bloody fingerprint and they got a license plate. Witnesses can identify the hunters.

A single ironwood tree marks the place where Porky was laid to rest.

The witness mourns, "He was a great, great pet and we just loved him so much."

The farmers say they caught one of the same hunters on their farm 3 weeks ago and he had killed a wild pig.

The hunters could face numerous charges including trespassing but the most serious is theft of livestock.