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Filmmaker Kevin Smith Talks at HIFF

Kevin Smith Kevin Smith
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By : Darren Pai

HONOLULU (KHNL)- He's dissected American pop culture in films such as Clerks, and Chasing Amy. Now director Kevin Smith is in Hawaii this weekend to pay tribute to his roots in independent film.

A couple guys in a convenience store making jokes. Smith still can't believe it all started there. "There will never be a day when I don't wake up and go, 'I'm shocked that anyone cared about any of the flicks we've made, let alone all of them.' And we have a very small but devout following."

Known for his irreverent humor, Smith went from independent filmmaker to Hollywood star. "In my case we went to Sundance. I went there with a job and left with a career. Suddenly I went from being a dude who worked in a convenience store and to being a guy who makes movies about people who work in convenience stores."

Smith says his formula is simple - take the familiar and make it funny. "For me generally I like to do slice of life stuff. But my life is kind of boring, so even if you take a germ of an idea from real life you have to make it entertaining. Next up I think I want to do a horror movie. In 12 years of doing flicks I've made seven variations on comedy. I'd like to do something completely different and see if I could pull it off."

If things had turned out differently Smith says he'd be just like the guys he makes movies about. "Really the best thing my success did was afford me the opportunity to move out of my parents' house, because I was still living then when I started."

Smith held a special question and answer session at the Lousi Vuitton Hawaii International Film Festival earlier tonight.

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