Sea Life Park Focuses on Educational Programs

Debborah Colbert
Debborah Colbert

By: Diane Ako

MAKAPUU (KHNL)- Would you like to meet some of the ocean's most incredible residents face to face? That's what Sea Life Park is offering students in a new, revamped educational program. Teachers took a tour today to check it out.

This monk seal is enjoying a cool dip in the water. Think he's cute? Sea Life Park is offering students a chance to work with him, or other marine animals at the park. Educational Research Director Debborah Colbert explains, "We're revamping the whole education program at Sea Life Park."

The park hopes to transition from theme park to educational marine center. Colbert says, "It's a whole new world. You're going to learn so much about the marine environment."

Taking turtle measurements is just one of the lessons kids can learn. "They'll be doing health assessments, measuring them, weighing them, and collecting all that on data sheets, going back to class and analyze it."

Of course, there will be a dolphin class. "They'll be learning about training animals- dolphins and sea lions- and they'll get their hands on, 1 on 1 training experience with dolphins at the park."

Aiea Elementary teacher Kauhane Ching listened to the sales pitch held in the amphitheater near the dolphin tank. She's interested, but will have to discuss it with her colleagues back at school next week. "Being around the ocean is different than being with the things in the ocean. They see it, but they don't get to experience it, so I think this'll help them get a more concrete experience."

The programs are targeted at elementary through high school students. They start November 15.