The Last Samurai Actor To Receive Award

Ken Watanabe
Ken Watanabe

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Tonight, hundreds of people packed the Dole Cannery theaters to watch the movie, The Last Samurai.

One of the film's stars, actor Ken Watanabe, is here in Honolulu to accept an award at the Louis Vuitton Hawaii International Film Festival.

Watanabe is being recognized as Asia's first true global celebrity with the Festival's "Achievement in Acting Award."

He appeared before representatives from different news media organizations at the Halekulani Hotel.

Watanabe spoke about his role in the Last Samurai and the famous kissing scene in Memoirs of a Geisha, but he says, he is very proud of his latest film where he had the chance to work with movie director Clint Eastwood.

"I want to say he is the best director in the world. I think, my best experience. He knows the actor's feelings and on the set he is very calm," Watanabe said.

When asked how he feels about being recognized by the Hawaii Film Festival, Watanabe remained humble.

"I try to do my best as an actor," he said.

His next film is a follow up to the recently released movie "Flags of Our Fathers".

Watanabe plays a general of the Japanese army.

"I have to fight the United States in Iwo Jima, but my character had a good friend in the United States, but he had to fight to defend his country," said Watanabe.

"Letters From Iwo Jima" opens in theaters on February 9th.