Drift Racing May Be Coming to Aloha Stadium

Steve Oliberos
Steve Oliberos
Tracy Arakaki
Tracy Arakaki

Oct 27, 2006 01:32 PM

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Drifting is a style of racing in which cars power slide through their turns.  Promoters call it the fastest growing type of racing across the world and now we could see races at Aloha Stadium as early as mid-December.

Bobby Gouveia was just 18, he loved cars and died in a car wreck just days ago.

"He'd always be at my place at my shop, asking me suggestion trying to learn little deeper things. He was jokester, he was a good guy. It's a really sad thing for the family" said Drift Racer Steve Oliberos.

Now the professional who drives this car says he's got a chance to give young drivers a safe place get behind the wheel.  He says "if I can take one kid off the street and give them a venue to be at. Maybe that's all they need to get it out of their system, then they won't do it on the street. It will make them think twice."

The Aloha Stadium authority has agreed to allow drift racing events in the stadium parking lot. Race promoters say they want to help local drivers who were left without a track after Hawaii Raceway Park closed earlier this year.

Race promoter Tracy Arakaki says "for us to conduct monthly activities is to help the local drifters because they've been displaced and they have no home right now."

The Stadium Authority approved drift racing on these grounds in concept.  Now what that means is this group must still through the normal application process in order to hold an event on a specific date.

Promoters hope to eventually attract professionals from across the world.

The Stadium Authority could vote on a specific race event during its next meeting in November.  The authority says it wants to make sure promoters have enough insurance and meet all necessary safety requirements.