Illegal Rentals Pop Up In Kailua

Don Bremner
Don Bremner
Sharon Price
Sharon Price

(KHNL) - A community on Oahu has been named one of the hottest destinations for 2007.

But some fear this national recognition may bring more problems to the area of Kailua.

Some residents say people are trying to illegally cash in on Kailua's property.

"I don't appreciate being woken up at 2:30 in the morning by people arriving on a foreign flight," said Don Bremner, Kailua resident.

He says his neighbor used the home as a vacation rental, attracting large groups of visitors.

"And of course they have adrenaline pumping, they come in, all the lights go on, and the little girl jumps out of the wagon and says here we are daddy, isn't this wonderful?" said Bremner.

His neighbor is now gone, but Bremner's mission continues. He's with "Keep it Kailua", a group trying to preserve the character of this community, despite its growing number of visitors.

Some are trying to get a piece of the action by opening a bed and breakfast or vacation rental, without a license.

Some people say illegal vacation rentals bring a number of problems to Kailua, including more crime, more noise and an increased cost of living.

For people like Sharon Price, who's been legally operating her B&B for 18 years, it's a frustrating issue.

"But I think the thing that irritates the ones that are legal is I just paid $400 for my fee and I pay taxes," said Price.

Bremner says the city is cracking down on illegal rentals, issuing half a million dollars in fines to their owners. Still, these people would like to see more being done.