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Labor Union Attacks Governor Lingle's Record

Russell Okata Russell Okata
Gov. Linda Lingle Gov. Linda Lingle
Lt. Gov. Duke Aiona Lt. Gov. Duke Aiona

By: Beth Hillyer

(KHNL) - With just under two weeks until election day, Governor Linda Lingle's campaign is taking issue with a flier mailed out by Hawaii's largest labor union, the Hawaii Government Employees Association.

The mailer invites HGEA members to check the facts. The Lingle campaign calls this postcard deceitful but Hawaii Government Employees Association leaders stand by their flier.

At Governor Lingle's campaign headquarters volunteers work on their own postcards. Campaign officials want to stamp out what they consider misinformation distributed by HGEA.

Lt. Governor Duke Aiona explains his reaction to the postcard, "I got very upset what they purported to be fact in this and I saw a pattern of misrepresentation and deception by our opponents."

The labor union supports Democratic challenger Randall Iwase. Executive Director Russell Okata defends the flier, "This is part of our communication to our members, we provide them with information so they can make a logical, sensible, intelligent choice who they can vote for Governor."

Lt. Governor Aiona says, "This is not rhetoric, not opinion, but blatant misrepresentation of facts."

The Governor's budget director disputes the HGEA claim that Governor Lingle gave herself an 18 percent raise.

State Budget Director Georgina Kawamura explains, "The Governor has not accepted any pay raise since taking office."

The union points out its dissatisfaction with contract negotiations.

Okata declares, "This Governor has not treated HGEA members fairly and during negotiations her position was 0-0 and we had to fight and claw."

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