Waialua Family Mourns Son

Johanna Ramos
Johanna Ramos
David Souza
David Souza
Lola Kahele
Lola Kahele

By : Joann Shin

(KHNL)  -  Johanna Ramos never thought she'd be the one saying good-bye to her youngest child.

"We're supposed to go first instead of them and we're here suffering," Ramos said of her son, Bobby Gouveia.

The 18 year old was killed in a car crash this past Sunday.

He died, when the car he was riding in, crossed the center line of Farrington Highway, hit a pole, flipped over several times, before coming to a stop at the airfield.

Wednesday night the site is a make-shift memorial.

His family is trying to come to grips with his sudden death.

Police say speed and alcohol were factors in this crash.

His family says it's a wake-up of how deadly this combination can be.

Gouveia's great uncle, David Souza said, "We all used to drink. We all used to race. I was probably worse than him, but I was fortunate ."

His aunt, Lola Kahele says these accidents involving young teens are happening way too often.

Five months ago, this same group lost two others.

Lanakila Vierra and Shane Bachiller were killed when their car crashed near Waialua.

Kahele said, "It's hard these kids never learn. They lose friend after friend and they think it's fun and games. It's not. It's not."