Car Wars

Too many young people are dying on our roads.  A familiar refrain, but this year it seems worse than ever. 15 people between the ages of 13 and 19 have been killed in traffic accidents in 2006, versus seven for the entire year, 2005.  Usually speed and sometimes alcohol have been factors.  The need for speed apparently overtakes common sense.  Perhaps some of these accidents have occurred due to distractions, or simply a lack of familiarity with necessary driving skills.

Whatever the case, it might be frustrating that parents can only do so much in their quest to keep kids safe and mindful of the laws, yet every parent must re-emphasize the need to stay sober, stay focused, and stay safe.  A parent must be a constant nag, and there must be serious consequences if parents suspect that their kids are not following the rules and laws.  New local laws aimed at curbing late night youth driving alone will not solve the problem.

Kids love cars, always have, always will- the freedom, the independence, the stature, the power.  But this tool must be used carefully and wisely all of the time, as we are seeing through too many needless deaths.  Think about it...