The blame game has begun in the aftermath and aftershocks of October 15's earthquake.  Who came on first, who did and didn't get information out, why did it take so long to get power, etc. One local TV station claimed to have been the only TV station on the air- that's a blatant lie, as people locally and on the mainland can attest, since they saw K5's news updates over the air.

The bottom line is that everyone needs to be more prepared, more in tune to immediate needs, more in touch with primary communication outlets to help ensure that the right messages- not unsubstantiated  rumors, not reports that no one can verify- but accurate and timely data, is passed on to consumers.  We heard of a retail roof cave-in at a Kona shopping mall- not true; we heard early of massive damage to the Big Island's Captain Cook monument- not true.

Clear and concise reassuring or at least detailed data from official sources would have proven to be most beneficial to media outlets and citizens, all day long, all night long.  This is where we need to start as we learn from October 15th and fix the problems now. Think about it...