Baby Cut With Glass, Father Arrested

Recko Roke
Recko Roke
Sun Aiu
Sun Aiu

by Minna Sugimoto

HONOLULU (KHNL) - A baby boy is cut with broken glass, and his own father is the one accused of hurting him.

There is some good news. We're told the little boy, who at one point was in critical condition, is doing much better.

A father accused of hurting his baby with broken glass arrives at the main police cellblock. Investigators say Recko Roke was drunk, when he returned to his home on Kauila Street in Nuuanu at about 3:20 in the morning.

"He was kind of loud," Sun Aiu, witness, said. "He was like yelling, 'Let me in my house,' and what not. But nobody wanted for let him in eh."

Unable to get inside, witnesses say the 26-year-old began throwing large rocks at a bedroom window. His three-month-old son was sleeping on the other side.

"I heard the baby cry," Aiu said. "So when I heard the baby cry, then I got involved. I told him, 'Hey, stop. What are you doing? Come here.'"

Pieces of glass, like the ones that landed on the grass outside, came crashing down on the baby.

"The baby was bleeding from his head all the way down to like his chest," Aiu said. "Had blood all over."

Aiu says his neighbor then tried to run away.

"I went to go look for the guy and what not," he said. "I found him, found him down the road, brought him back. And then I told the cop."

Officers arrested Roke on suspicion of criminal property damage. His baby is expected to survive.

"Too bad for the boy," Aiu said. "But good for the guy eh. That's how I look at it."

Police say right now, the case is classified as a criminal property damage because it's not clear whether the suspect intended to harm his son.

Roke remains in police custody. He has not been charged.