Power Outage Hits Central Oahu

Ron Polzien
Ron Polzien

(KHNL) - Residents and businesses in Central Oahu were in the dark on Sunday, after another power outage hit the island.

This is the second blackout on Oahu in just a couple of days.

This time, more than a thousand residents in Mililani were affected.

Ron Polzien spent his afternoon working in the yard, but he wanted to do something else.

"I'd probably be on my computer," he said. "During the earthquake it was out for a long time and then we've had a few intermittent ones."

At about 1:30 p.m., the power went out near Meheula Parkway. Stores and restaurants in Mililani Town Center left customers stranded.

"It was just pitch dark in Wal-Mart and people were coming out," said Jazzelyn Lagpacan. "I was shocked, I thought another earthquake hit."

"A little disappointed, actually we wanted to eat here, but now not anymore," said Albert Perez.

After about two hours, power was restored. Hawaiian Electric officials say a problem with an underground cable caused the blackout. That's also what knocked out power on the Windward side of Oahu on Friday. The outage affected 1,800 Kaneohe customers for more than two hours. HECO officials say the outages were not related to last weekend's earthquake near the Big Island.

"I've lived in worst situations then this, I've lived in North Florida, and lived through hurricanes where people didn't have power for weeks," said Polzien.