Big Isle Kids Return To Class Except At Waikaloa Elementary

(KHNL) - One week after last Sunday's earthquake, some kids on the Big Island still can't return to their classrooms.

As far as damage goes Big Island schools remain the hardest hit.

Early estimates tallied the quake damage at more than 43 million dollars.

One week after the earthquake, some school kids are still displaced.

Dave Curtis with State Civil Defense says, "The schools are all open with the exception of Honokaa and Waikaloa. As of Monday morning the school in Honokaa will open. The one at Waikaloa will remain closed to get some repairs done there."

As we toured Waikaloa Elementary School the damage was everywhere.

Principal Kris Kosa-Correa explains, "Mainly to our ceilings and the unfortunate thing it's in almost every single classroom. Out of 32 classrooms only 8 sustained little damage, the rest look like this."

Just this weekend inspectors discovered major structural damage in the cafeteria so that facility is off limits for now. The Department of Education says without the ability to prepare lunches the school can't re-open.

A week has gone by and Curtis point out that teachers, custodians and the community worked together to re-open the schools, "The fact that most schools are open despite the fact there was damage is a pretty remarkable."

Ironically the kids in one class were reading a text book called "Moving Ahead."

The books were tossed onto the floor by the tremors.

That message will have a lot more meaning for Waikaloa students when they finally return.