Comedian Speaks Out About Smoking

(KHNL) - A well known stand-up comedian is standing up against tobacco, cigarettes and second-hand smoke here in the islands.

"Comedy Central" regular Rene Hicks is in Hawaii, working with the coalition for a tobacco-free Hawaii.

She is a very funny lady with a serious message. She speaks from the heart about the devastating effects of second hand smoke. And Hicks supports Hawaii's new smoking ban. She breaks the ice with some jokes.

"This is great I love it. Love it worked on my tan all of 10 seconds today ha ha."

Rene Hicks is in Manoa working this crowd of UH students, "Apparently at the airport in Hawaii you are not all that concerned about Terrorists. Your drug sniffing dog is a cocker spaniel. What's up with that? I can bring anything I want as long as don't have snausages in my suitcase I'm ok."

"I came from Hilo they don't even have X-ray machine just a guy with X-ray glasses."

She is also working with the coalition for a tobacco-free Hawaii, "I hear about Hawaii going smoke-free and actually knew a woman who named kids after cigarette brands. This is my son Alpine, my daughter Salem and these are the twins Benson and Hedges."

And Hicks is serious about making Hawaii a smoke-free paradise. She's a lung cancer survivor who never smoked and blames second-hand smoke, "Kids now smoke earlier and earlier. My mom is old school, my mom said so you want to put something between those lips and set it on fire, bring me those firecrackers bring them here. "

As a lung cancer survivor, Rene Hicks certainly gets her message across through humor. She welcomes Hawaii's smoke-free law that goes into effect on November 16th.