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Emergency Information Could Have Been Sent Earlier

Maj. Gen. Robert Lee Maj. Gen. Robert Lee
Jose Dizon Jose Dizon

by: Darren Pai

(KHNL) - Apprearing on the Hawaii Public Television show PBN Friday, Hawaii's top civil defense official said the state could have put emergency information on TV screens across the state Sunday morning before the lights went out.

"We have all the the storm watches, flood warnings," said Maj. Gen. Robert Lee. "It just interrupts your programming, provides a little trailer and provides a little information of what's happing or what's going to happen."

Hawaiian Electric spokesman Jose Dizon also appeared on the program. HECO is urging customers who suffered damage to their property as the result of the blackout to file claims.

"What we ask customers to do is go ahead and describe in detail what you lost," Dizon said. "We don't expect customers to have a receipt for food. But go ahead and make a list and we'll take a look at that list, we'll take a look at the circumstances."

Hawaiian Electric says its been using every opportunity to get as much information as possible to the public. However the company does admit in some cases, mistakes were made.

During the blackout, HECO says it could have done a better job of explaining what happened to its generators.

"We're trying to balance this we're trying to be very responsive and I have to apologize and regret if there was any misinformation, I apologize for that," Dizon said.

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