Grandma In The Slammer

Tiffany Jardine
Tiffany Jardine

(KHNL) -- Members of a Palolo family are on pins and needles, after the arrest of their grandmother on suspicion of burglary. They say they're worried about how the 75-year-old woman is holding up.

Since Ethel Jardine's arrest Thursday, officers have already had to make one trip to the hospital. Her family says she needed medical attention because she has an infection and was running a fever. After the hospital visit, police returned her to her cell.

Ethel Jardine, a recently-widowed grandmother with no prior record, is spending a second night at the main police cellblock.

"My grandpa just wen pass away two months ago. So, you know, and she has a heart trouble," Tiffany Jardine, suspect's granddaughter, said. "I just was worrying about her. And I don't know why the cops never just, you know, let em go under pending."

Officers arrested the 75-year-old, her 43-year-old daughter Tina Jardine, and her 45-year-old daughter-in-law Marion Freitas at a house in Manoa Thursday. A 22-year-old woman told police the three forced their way into her home.

"She was telling the cops that, oh, they just came in the house without asking, you know, and they wen, she was saying that they wen hit her or whatever," Tiffany Jardine said. "I don't know."

She says the only reason they went there was they heard the young woman had stolen one of their purses.

"My mom and my aunty Tina, they just, and my grandma actually, went down there just to, you know, get her purse back," Tiffany Jardine said. "That's all. She don't care about the money. She just wanted her purse. And mostly I was worried about my grandma because she's so old."

"They just handcuffed them, searched them and everything," Brandie Perreira, Tina Jardine's daughter, said. "My mom looked so scared and, like, so I felt bad. And then I started crying."

Police acknowledge the ages of the three women are not typical for a burglary case. But they say the decision on whether to detain or release pending investigation is based on the circumstances of the case and not on age.

"The girl was the fault," Tiffany Jardine said. "She the one stole the purse and she still out. And my aunty, my grandma and my mom is in there, you know, suffering."

Investigators say the younger woman had some bruising, and two doors at her home were damaged. Police expect to charge the suspects Friday night or Saturday morning.