Hawaii Based Marines Mourn 11 Soldiers Killed In Iraq

A Marine walks up to the podium at the Base Chapel and barks out an order.

"Battalion Sgt. Major read the final role call."

The Sergeant Major reads the first name on the list. "Corporal Andrea Aguilar Jr. 3rd Battalion 3rd Marine Regiment. Killed 4 April in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

He continues to read the ten other names on the list. Each time three Marines march in and create a soldier's cross with the Marine's rifle, boots and helmet.

Kaneohe Marines with the 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines came back from their seven month deployment with heavy hearts.

The Marine Corp Chaplain begins, "We gather together on this solemn occasion to remember and honor 11 young men who in defense of their country paid the ultimate price."

Family members of the fallen Marines have flown in from as far away as North Carolina, Texas and Ohio to attend the memorial here at the base chapel.

Moms who have never met but share a similar loss, hug in the Marine Corp Base Chapel.

The Chaplain continues, "11 young men who in despite of all the danger, hardship, time away from home, horror and frustration of combat, still committed themselves and became a part of a band of brothers willing to die for one another.

After the band played the National Anthem, Marines wept openly in front of the photos of their fallen brothers.

The Marines killed during the deployment include:

Staff Sergeant Jason Ramseyer

Corporal Eric Lueken

Corporal Andres Aguilar, Jr.

Lance Corporal Adam Conboy

Lance Corporal jose Marin Dominquez, Jr.

Lance Corporal Hatakyukak Yearby

Sergeant David Christoff

Lance Corporal William Leusink

Corporal Michael Estrella

Lance Corporal Ryan Miller

Corporal Yull Estrada Rodriguez