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Mexican Court Throws "Dog" Chapman A Bone

Duane "Dog" Chapman Duane "Dog" Chapman
Tim and Leland Chapman Tim and Leland Chapman
Beth Chapman Beth Chapman
"Dog" Chapman shows that his ankle is now free of a tracking device "Dog" Chapman shows that his ankle is now free of a tracking device

by Joann Shin

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Duane "Dog" Chapman gets a break, for now. His lawyers say they've won the first round in the bounty hunter's battle against extradition to Mexico. A Mexican judge granted an injunction, which puts a stop to all  proceedings against Chapman.

Chapman's lawyers say they're confident he'll be cleared of all charges. Duane "Dog" Chapman and his entourage made a grand entrance to announce the latest break in his legal troubles.  His lawyers have been working in Mexico to fight extradition.

"We have a great deal of confidence and faith that the federal court in Mexico will ultimately find that the Chapman's are absolutely innocent of the charges," said William Bollard, one of Chapman's lawyers.

Last month, U.S. marshals arrested the Dog, son Leland and Tim Chapman in connection with their 2003 arrest of convicted rapist and fugitive Andrew Luster.

Dog now faces extradition, after Mexican authorities charged him with deprivation of liberty. Despite the ordeal, Chapman says he's eager to return south of the border.

He said, "We want to be able to go back to Mexico and chase down felons.  These guys know right now where to run. Where can we go where the Dog can't catch us?"

This is the first step in a lengthy process. But the Chapman camp is confident charges will be dropped.

"We have dedicated our life to the justice system.  The wheels are turning slowly, but they are turning and we will be vindicated, because we did the right thing," said his wife, Beth Chapman.  

The Dog also showed off his bare ankle. Noticeably absent was the tracking device he was ordered to wear, as part of his release in September.

Chapman said, "If it comes out right, would I do it again? You damn right!"

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