Will Honolulu Become More Bike Friendly?

Chad Taniguchi
Chad Taniguchi
Kristi Schulenberg
Kristi Schulenberg

(KHNL) - Chad Taniguchi rides his bike everywhere these days.

"I used to take all the bus all the time," Taniguchi said. "Then when there was a strike I started riding a bicycle and i've been going more every since."

He rides covered in lights and reflectors for one reason: safety.

"I've asked people, can you recognize me going up the Pali," Taniguchi said. "They say yeah, you're the guy who looks like a Christmas tree."

More people could feel safer out on the roads if voters approve a city charter amendment directing Honolulu to become more bicycle and pedestrian friendly.

"A lot of people I talk to say they want to ride bike or they want to walk, but frankly they're afraid," Taniguchi said.

Supporters want to see more bike paths and more safety programs aimed at bicyclists and pedestrians.

"Having an opportunity to have it placed in the charter gives it that kind of priority we want to see," said Kristi Schulenberg of the Hawaii Bicycling League.

Taniguchi rides from Kailua into downtown everyday. He'd like the voters and the city to match that effort.

"Hawaii, we've got the best weather, the best place to ride," he said. "If government and citizens work together we could make this place great for walking and bicycling."