Police Conduct Second Raid At Suspected Ice House

Denis Salle
Denis Salle
Floyd Sylvester
Floyd Sylvester
Lt. Kerry Inouye
Lt. Kerry Inouye

(KHNL) -- Honolulu police swarmed an East Oahu neighborhood early Thursday morning, jolting residents from their sleep. The officers were there to raid a suspected drug house. It's the second time at the home in less than three months.

At the crack of dawn, police return to Sierra Drive in dramatic fashion.

"They banged at the door, screamed, you know, 'Open the door! This is the police!' And by that time, I had fallen out of bed," Denis Salle, suspect's neighbor, said.

It's the same way he woke up in July, when officers first raided his neighbor's home. The drug bust came after residents in the area reported their suspicions to police.

"Smile. You're on candid camera," the suspect said to our news camera July 27th.

54-year-old Floyd Sylvester was taken away. However,

"After the first raid, he came back two days later on $11,000 bail," Salle said. "And for all of us, that was a big shock 'cause we really thought that, you know, we got him."

Neighbors say the drug dealing quickly resumed.

"Pretty much everybody on Wilhelmina Rise knows about this house," Salle said. "And it's been going on for years. There's no way that we're going to let it go."

So they turned to police once again.

"Our message is very clear to the drug dealers," Lt. Kerry Inouye, Honolulu Police Department, said. "Even if you're dealing in small amounts, we're going to address quality of life issues on behalf of the residents. The law-abiding citizens don't want you here."

The July raid was anything but routine. The bomb squad moved in, after officers found what appeared to be a pipe bomb.

Salle hopes things will settle down.

"As a father of two children, it is not really a good idea to have your kids grow up across from a drug dealer house," he said.

Police say they found drugs and drug paraphernalia during Thursday's search of the home. Officers also arrested a 49-year-old woman.