Rock Band Cancels Concert Because of Earthquake

Aubry Boutin
Aubry Boutin
Jason Evans
Jason Evans
Poster promoting Blue October concert
Poster promoting Blue October concert
Hale Koa Luau Garden
Hale Koa Luau Garden

By Joann Shin

(KHNL) - The mainland coverage of Sunday's quake was enough to scare some people out of visiting Hawaii.

That was the case for the rock band, "Blue October".

It was scheduled to perform in Waikiki Wednesday night, but pulled out.

Promoters tried to convince the band that everything was back to normal here on Oahu.

But it wasn't enough and the band cancelled its concert.

The show, however, will go on.

Promoter Aubry Boutin informed concert goers of the bad news. The sign said it all, Blue October's concert is canceled.

"I have tickets yeah," explained a woman passing by. She said, "I'm leaving tomorrow and I thought it would cool to see them here."

The band made its decision Monday.

"They literally were supposed to catch a flight within that hour and they were deciding, yes or no," said Boutin.

The answer was "no", after the band saw images of the extensive damage on the Island of Hawaii caused by Sunday's quake.

According to Boutin, "To them Hawaii is Hawaii. It's a small area, compared to Texas and I'm sure everyone thinks it's sinking in the ocean right now."

The venue was the Luau Garden at the Hale Koa hotel.

"We had the capacity of about 1,600 and with had just over 1,000 pre-sold and usually walk up, that's what Hawaii is known for," said Boutin.

Promoters expected the show to almost sell out.

But no show means lost revenue in the tens of thousands.

Jason Evans planned on seeing the show.

He's from Los Angeles and understands the confusion

Evans said of his family, "They definitely had a concern. They didn't know which island we were on and which island got affected. Lot of people don't really pay attention, just think, Oh my god, an earthquake."

Now the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau is doing damage control.

The plan is to send this video to the mainland with the message that Hawaii is open for business.

The concert has been rescheduled for January 14th at Pipeline Café.

For a refund, go to the place you bought the ticket.