Quake Recovery: What Will It Cost?

(KHNL) - The damage estimates from the earthquake continues to grow.

The Governor along with other state leaders got together this afternoon to review the damages and go over relief efforts.

The amount of damage isn't yet totaled. But officials have a good idea of how bad is it so far, already the damage estimate is around 75 million dollars. A number that everyone says will go up.

Thousands of residents are living in homes now in need of repair.

The shaking was bad enough, parts of homes may be un-safe to live in.

Dozens of others structures fared even worse and are completely uninhabitable.

And it is slow going on a number of roads, both on Maui and Hawaii Island because of bridges are out.

On Hawaii Island, newly discovered damage to a bridge along the Hamakua coast adds to the slowdowns on several roads because of detours and lane closures.

But while we hear about the wreckage, the state is trying to put out a positive message to the rest of the world.

A new video news release was sent out across the country to keep people coming to our islands.

The state expects to complete work on one of the two damaged piers at Kawaihae harbor by this weekend. But the harbor is still able to handle cargo and fuel for the Big Island.