Little Girl Is Head Over Heels For Gymnastics

Svetlana Misener
Svetlana Misener

(KHNL) - There's a cute little girl in Waipio who could be to gymnastics, what Tiger Woods is to golf.

We learned about young Svetlana through our Talk Story line.

Dan Misener, Svetlana's dad, "She's been in the gym ever since she was born. She watched it since she was in a cradle. I noticed that she'd take notes and she's caught me off guard a couple of times."

Mom and dad, belle and dan misener, own "What's Up Gymnastics" in Waipio. They've been shaping their strong and coordinated daughter's destiny, from the get-go, naming her after an olympic star.

She's named after Svetlana Boginskaya, a three time olympian.

Tthe younger Svetlana explains why she does it, "because it's so fun. Because you need to be stong and flexible."

And if tumbling about wasn't enough, she's also taken to rock wall climbing. And she's pretty good at that, too.

Mom and dad now hold world-class goals and dreams for their little Svetlana, "I hoping to take her as far as she can go. But, i don't want to burn her out at such a young age, so i want to make sure she has fun."