Convention Center Tree Trim Has Environmentalists Up In Arms

Bob Loy
Bob Loy

(KHNL) - A case of illegal tree trimming could end up costing the Hawaii Convention Center thousands of dollars.

It all started when a maintenance crew from the convention center started to do some tree trimming earlier this month. The problem is they went after the wrong trees.

The cluster of banyan trees, enjoys special protection under Hawaii state law.

"Because these trees have been here for a long time and because of their special place in creating this ambience along the Ala Wai, they've been protected by law under the state's exceptional tree law," says Bob Loy of the Outdoor Circle an environmental group here in Hawaii.

Earlier this month a work crew from the Hawaii Convention Center cut away branches from six of the trees without getting a required permit from the city.  "

The outdoor circle says the trimming was going on while a meeting of the city's arborists advisory committee was taking place at the convention center.