Something has happened to the lush soccer park known as the Waipio Soccer Peninsula.  It is falling into disrepair.  The finest park for playing ball in Hawaii has been pruned immaculately  for years, but is now starting to look like all of the others.  And that's not good- clumps of weeds, brown spots due to overuse or lack of timely watering, bathroom stalls out of order for weeks on end.

Why must this pristine, well-thought-of area fall into the spiral of so many other local parks? Waipio is not overused everyday like too many other parks throughout Oahu, so why can't we keep this one from going down the road to ruin?

Waipio has been a recreational and economic bright spot over the years with national soccer tournaments for kids and adults, and will certainly be used again, unless these fields become dust piles and splotchy, bumpy pitches like those in play at Kapiolani Park, Ala Wai, Waialae Iki, Kapa'olono, Crane, Waiau, Moili'ili, and numerous other sites.  This park was intended to be used wisely, carefully, and should be showcased for years.  Don't let it become yet another sorry, eroded patch.  Please, think about it...