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October 18, 2006

So Vulnerable

As the earth shook on Sunday, it became apparent, once again, just how vulnerable and alone we are in the middle of the pacific.  For Big Island residents, the shock of the tremor and the damage was somewhat mitigated by the fact that there were no serious injuries.  On Oahu, the seemingly endless delay to get power back on shows how precarious a system we have and how careful we have to be to rev things back up- with no outside state grids available to help in this process.  If this was our test emergency, we better make sure we fix what didn't work well.


If it's not an overpass damaged by a crane such that traffic cannot move for hours to get to the leeward side, it's flooding that knocks out the only north shore's sole artery.  Simply put, when it comes to mother nature and man's mistakes, we sometimes pay a price for living on isolated islands.  Luckily, people here accept our occasional plight, act neighborly when things happen, and simply move along.  And that's not a bad way to react when emotions flare and people feel helpless.  It's a side benefit of the local aloha spirit and sense of ohana- dealing with the bad in a communal way, calming things down, keeping it all in perspective.  Think about it...

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