Supermarkets Work to Re-stock Shelves

Sandy Wells
Sandy Wells
Shoppers bought most of Times Supermarkets bread on Sunday
Shoppers bought most of Times Supermarkets bread on Sunday

(KHNL) -- What a difference a day makes. After Sunday's power outage, shoppers say they struggled to find milk and other perishable items at Oahu supermarkets Monday. Tuesday, delivery trucks carrying fresh products rolled in.

Sandy Wells knows what she wants and goes after it. For her and other blackout-weary shoppers, the well-stocked shelves at Times Supermarket on Beretania Street are a sight for sore eyes.

"There was bread missing (Monday). A lot of the milk products were missing," Wells said. "Same thing at Safeway. There was hardly anything (Monday). I had stopped there but they didn't have skim milk."

Times took little time to recover from the power outage that paralyzed Oahu. At the Beretania store, deliveries that were scheduled for Monday arrived Tuesday. Some quick work and the banana display is appealing again.

"I think great," Wells said. "They've done really well."

After the blackout, Times workers dumped some milk, chicken, pork and seafood as a precaution. But store officials say most of their items held up because, when the power went out, they took immediate steps to keep the cold products cold. They used the same approach as Sandy, on a much greater scale.

"When the electricity didn't come back on, I knew most of my stuff was still fine because I kept the refrigerator closed," Wells said.

The only shortage left at Times Beretania is bread.

Foodland would not let our camera inside its stores. But officials say they're operating at near-normal levels.

Star Markets did not return our phone calls.