Travelers Forced To Sleep Overnight At Airport

By Stephanie Lum

(KHNL) - During the blackout, some travelers described the situation at the airport as chaotic.

More than 30 inter-island and overseas flights out of O'ahu were canceled Sunday and that led to a rush of passengers at the Honolulu International Airport early Monday morning.

There were long lines, rows of bags, and thousands of anxious travelers.

It was a catch up day for the airlines accommodating folks whose flights were canceled.

"Our flight was canceled so this morning it was a mad house," said Berti Cardinaux.

"It is a little bit crowded at the airport we don't know if our flight will be delayed," said Susan Holey.

State Transportation officials say at least 200 stranded passengers spent the night in the airport's conference room.

"I slept at the airport last night and they tell me I am probably going to have to sleep at the airport again tonight," said Aaron Lowe. "No hotel is available and its real expensive right now."

Eventually, the long lines disappeared, as flights took off as scheduled.

"It is just crowded but you know that's the way it goes," said Cardinaux.

"If that's the worse thing that can happen to us, then I consider us lucky."

State Transportation officials say it is business as usual at airports across the state.

However, they are asking those who have had their flights canceled to call their respective airline for an update, before heading down.