Fallout from Blackout

Ben Camp
Ben Camp

HONOLULU, (KHNL) -- Frank Fong figured it was a good day to weed the yard. With no electricity in his Aina Haina neighborhood, there wasn't much else to do.

"My neighbors over there all don't have lights," said Fong. "They don't have, the house in front of me don't have."

The lights came on briefly overnight in this corner of Aina Haina but quickly went out again.

"Early this morning about 3:45 it came on for about two seconds and then that's it," Fong said.

A couple doors down, Ben Camp kept trying the lights throughout the day. He'd already seen power return to nearby homes.

"I saw the other side of the valley go up," Camp said. "I waited about 30 minutes for us and we had about a second of power and that was it." <4:48>

Camp said he understands Hawaiian Electric was working on the problem, but he was getting a little tired of waiting.

"I'd like to take a warm shower," Camp said. "I went Mcdonald's today for breakfast. It's a little frustrating."

Oahu drivers found malfunctioning traffic signals across the island. City officials said 150 signals were still not working Monday morning.

Repair crews fanned out across the island and by mid-afternoon, that number dropped to 60. In many cases, repair teams were required to manually reset certain signals to get the lights working once again.