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Harbor Damage May Cut Off West Hawaii

Steve Garrett Steve Garrett
Vic Angoco Vic Angoco
Senator Daniel Inouye Senator Daniel Inouye

by Beth Hillyer

KAWAIHAE, Hawaii (KHNL) - The earthquake damage at the Kawaihae Harbor could have a devastating economic impact.

The violent quake pummeled the concrete piers.

It's force left foot-wide gaps where the pier used to be. There are cracks and sinkholes everywhere.

Canoe builder Steve Garrett describes the earthquake. "Right as we get outside this crack opens up and it all moved that way then it snapped back."

The pier is in such bad shape part of it slid several inches toward the ocean.

Monday shipping executives with Matson and Young Brothers surveyed the damage.

Young Brothers Shipping Executive Vic Angoco learned "right now we are just trying to assess the damage and work with harbor divison to see if can have a barge come in so we can take off goods so customers can re-supply their shelves."

Divers investigate the damage caused when the quake ripped a diesel fuel line away from the pier. Right now no diesel fuel can be off-loaded and that will have more impact down the road.

The harbor damage is so troublesome Hawaii Senators Daniel Inouye and Daniel Akaka flew in by helicopter for a closer look. They toured the harbor and had to step over giant cracks.

Senator Daniel Inouye discovered, "Some of the ships couldn't come in, they had to go to Hilo so that will give you an idea we have to work fast but carefully."

After assessing the harbor the Senators took off for a tour of the quake ravaged coast.

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