From Hilo to Hanalei, Everyone Felt the Quake

Richard Gabriel
Richard Gabriel
Shira Aspesi
Shira Aspesi

HONOLULU (KHNL) - When the quake struck, the shaking sent many around the state, scrambling outside or searching for cover.

"I was in bed and it felt like I was in a small boat and all of a sudden rapid wakes hit, the whole complex started shaking and bending and we jumped out of bed." says Richard Gabriel of Mililani.

"My son and I were upstairs and felt kind of a roll going on in the house, so we stopped and got in the doorway. Just to make sure my son was OK. He was a little scared this morning." says Shira Aspesi of Hawaii Kai.

For many shaken out of bed, the morning went from bad to worse.

Aspesi adds "then he electricity went out and my son, got a little bit more scared"

Even Hawaii Island residents, used to the frequent rumblings of minor earthquakes, were shocked by the strength of these tremors.

"It was amazing, the shaking and rattling. It just kept building and building, getting even more powerful. I just kept waiting for this to stop" says Hilo resident Ken Hupp.

A feeling shared by many across the state, as this quake was felt from Hawaii Island , where it originated, to the northern tip of Kauai.

Fortunately, even though most everyone felt this quake, there have been no reports of injuries across the state.