Quake Delays Frustrate Air Travelers

David Krumwiede
David Krumwiede
Mike Holt
Mike Holt

by Kristine Uyeno

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Honolulu International Airport stopped flights for a short time right after the earthquakes Sunday morning. Inter-island carriers report normal operations, but many passengers tell a different story.

Despite the long lines at the airport and machines not working, people remained in good spirits.

"I'm heading back to Maui and I've been here for about 3 or 4 hours," said David Krumwiede, traveler.

"Oh we're just trying to get home to Pacific Grove, California," said Mike Selbicky.

"We're going to Kona," said Mike Holt.

They're all hoping to get somewhere, despite all the hurdles at the airport. Ticketing machines are down, TSA checking bags by hand and ramps at the gate not working.

"Looks like we're at a standstill here," said Selbicky. "It's getting a little warm, no air conditioning but you can't fight it."

But travelers stay calm, trying to pass the time however they can and looking to each other for support.

"I'm broadcasting the reports about the earthquake to everybody here in the airport," said Krumwiede.

"We were in our room in the hotel and it was shaking and we decided we better get out of here, lucky we were packed up," said Holt.

Hawaiian and Aloha Airlines officials say they're running as normal, but some flights on Go! have been cancelled. Some of the national carriers, including United, are reportedly cancelling flights to the Big Island.

"We're just hopeful, we can get on a flight and get back to our families," said Selbicky.