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Kamaaina and Tourists Cope Without Power

Jason Paaaina Jason Paaaina
Mark Johnson Mark Johnson
Jason Koteski Jason Koteski
Adam Hackney Adam Hackney

by Stephen Florino

HONOLULU (KHNL) - The earthquakes knocked out power to the entire island of Oahu. Most parts were in the dark for most of the day.

Officials with Hawaiian Electric say it takes a while for all the generators to power up again, and it needs to restore power in a methodical way, so the system doesn't go down again.

For those on Oahu, it was an inconvenience, but everyone seemed to take it in stride.

Tourists were locked out of the hotels. Kamaaina locked in their condos.

"I came back here to see if my girlfriend was ok, and she's here stuck in the elevator," said Jason Paaaina.

Traffic signals were out, causing a dangerous trek across intersections for both drivers, and pedestrians. Waikiki was a flurry of activity, as thousands of visitors were forced to scrounge for food. Long lines snaked the sidewalk outside ABC stores.

"They're doing a great job over there," said Mark Johnson, a tourist from New York.  "They take you in, like four at a time. They got a flashlight cause it's dark in there, you can't really see too far in front of you."

Other stores sold food on the sidewalk, but quickly ran out. Sandwich artists were busy, trying to please the crowds.

"All the ABC stores had long lines or ran out of food," said Jason Koteski, a tourist from Chicago. "We saw someone walking by with a Subway bag so we figured we'd head this way, and we got lucky."

Artists of a different kind weren't busy at all. No power means their tools are left idle.

"Cost about $500 bucks a day to run the shop, so that's 500 bucks lost," said Adam Hackney, of A Tiki Tattoo. He said it's actually a loss of about $3,000, because of the lost business. 

Money was lost, but everyone was thankful that no one was seriously hurt.

"Every time we always travel, something always seems to happen to us, so it's just another adventure," said Johnson.

Some of you may be worried about the food in the refrigerator. Officials say most frozen foods can last from ten to 24 hours.

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