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Radio Broadcasts Are Lifeline During Emergency

Paul Wilson Paul Wilson
Kreyz Oshiro Kreyz Oshiro
Michael Perry Michael Perry
Larry Price Larry Price

by Diane Ako

IWILEI (KHNL)- Most of the state turned on the radio to find out what was going on. One of the first stations on the air was KSSK- with Perry and Price. In the studio, the weekday team of Perry and Price springs into action. In the control room, producers screen callers for the air. This is full staffing and then some for Hawaii's premiere news radio team.

Paul Wilson KSSK Program Director says, "We assembled the crew at 8 this morning and since then it's been everyone we can gather, put it all together."

They've got plenty of help from sister station coworkers like Kreyz Oshiro, Hot 93.9 DJ. "I was already on my way in. Being that the power's out on our side I just try to see if I could help out at the KSSK side."

Broadcaster Larry Price was golfing when the quake hit. "When you're my size and the ground moves, that means it's time to go to work."

Partner Michael Perry was relaxing at home. "The dog went nuts and the place rattled. We knew something was going on."

How do they feel about providing an essential service? Price says, "Not good." Perry says, "We don't like doing this. We are the voice of disaster but we don't like that. As you can see it's not a typical morning for us."

Normally on a Sunday morning you'd be hearing music and talk radio. But today, it's been Perry and Price on the radio since 9 am, with plans to go wall to wall coverage until the power comes back on.

There's an important lesson to be learned today. Price says, "People in HI should take this as a lesson. Be prepared. Hurricane season is on. Earthquakes are possible because we have active volcanoes."

And it could be worse: it could be a weekday.
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