Master Storytellers Weave Tall Tales At The 18th Annual Talk Story Festival

(KHNL) - This storyteller shared an ancient Hawaiian tale about a boy whose father went to hunt for lobster but encountered a man-eating shark. "Before he came, there was a parade of hihimanu (mantaray) swim with wings and people in Aiea saw and knew kahe would follow."

Event Organizer Jeff Gere explains, "Everybody tells stories but there are some people who tell stories incredibly well. Those are the people who tell a story and pretty soon your eyes go slack and you get carried away. Those are the guys we have at the talk story festival."

Those in the audience went along on amazing adventures. This time to Seoul, Korea.

"The city of excess and perpetual motion, the city in which 100 years later I can't find you honwahgene."

One artist led the crowd on a mission to find a grandmother she never knew. She imagines her struggle to bridge the gap between Korean and Hawaii.

"The calm blue water separating here and there Korea and Hawaii. The ocean five years later separating freedom and occupation. Becoming for you to leave home because home is burning in the rising sun.

Gere adds there is one rule, they only get 20 minutes, "Tonight are the epic adventures because these are the stories that are very complex, long, involved adventures like a trip going somewhere and coming back."

The festival runs through Sunday.