Emotional Tribute At Castle High Homecoming

By Joann Shin

(KHNL) - On a day that should be upbeat, there is note of sadness.

People came out for Castle High's homecoming and to honor a dear friend lost.

"He was always smiling that's one thing i always remember about," said Castle Senior Merit Uehara.

He's talking about long time friend Patrick Kapahu.

Kapahu was a lineman and punter for the Knights.

He died last week. He suffered head injuries from a skateboarding accident last Wednesday.

Friday night he was honored with t-shirts.

Uehara explained, "We wanted to be produced in big amounts, so everybody could wear it look unified , like everyone is a family".

And then a touching tribute followed on Kapahu's home field.

His teammates carried out his picture draped with lei and his jersey, # 66.

On this night winning and losing was secondary.

A friend and his family was #1.

"I think he'd be surprised. He probably doesn't know how many lives he touched. It's really amazing how any kind of group he touched them," said Uehara.

The proceeds from the t-shirts will go to Kapahu's family.

His memorial is scheduled for Saturday, October 21st at St. Ann's.