Windward Oahu Residents Fight To Keep Drugs Away

By Beth Hillyer

(KHNL) - Drug dealers have turned a quiet windward Oahu road into a drive through for drug activity.

But Friday night neighbors say they've had enough, and they're fighting back.

There is less than a dozen of them, but they stand their ground and send a very clear message.

On this quiet country road they come on horseback to the Friday night event.

Some simply walk up to the bridge.

Others pack their pickups with chairs and cold drinks. They light tiki torches and settle in.

And what is the big draw? The drug dealers of course.

"There's a lot of drug activity here," said Ahuimanu Resident Gerry White. "The buyers and sellers will come to this very spot and meet up and exchange their dirty deeds."

"We decided, why don't we go down and welcome the neighbors home Friday night," said Ahuimanu Resident Sally Adams. "We wave at them, invite them for cold drink and take back this beautiful spot."

Their camp out sends a message

"We're really sick and tired of seeing this," said White.

"I noticed it the other day when I was walking, definitely some activity going on here," said Ahuimanu Resident Rob Wennihan.

They arm themselves with cameras.

"We've been at this fighting this for 2 months. I always carry a camera, it's hanging on the fence now. I take pictures while I drive." said Adams. "We get license plate numbers, picture of cars with license plate numbers. pictures of people waiting for their drugs."

Neighbors say they'll continue their Friday night out.

"I love it up here, I don't see any reason for me to go and if we let them continue to stay here they'll take over," White said.

The neighbors say they aren't taking the law into their own hands.

They stage a peaceful protest and they are getting help from the Honolulu Police and the Attorney General's office.