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Aloha Sues To Stop Go!

Chris Pasta Chris Pasta
Gary Yamamoto Gary Yamamoto
Rebecca PoLing Rebecca PoLing
Clyde Dowell Clyde Dowell

By: Darren Pai

(KHNL) - After decades in business, Aloha Airlines enjoys some loyal customers.

"I've used Aloha from day one so it's really hard for me to switch over to go!," said Aloha passenger Chris Pasta.

But now Aloha has filed suit against go! airlines. The lawsuit accuses go! of improperly using proprietary information obtained during Aloha's bankruptcy in an effort to drive the older carrier out of business.

"Well I think there's not enough room for three airlines right now, to tell you the truth. one of them's going to go up," said Aloha passenger Gary Yamamoto. "They just can't survive. There's not enough people here."

go! has already faced one lawsuit filed by Hawaiian Airlines. In both cases, the airline was accused of misusing proprietary information.

A spokesman for go!'s parent company said Aloha's lawsuit is a desperate act by a desperate carrier. In the earlier case brought by Hawaiian, a federal bankruptcy judge ruled go! should not be forced to stop selling tickets.

But some passengers on go! say Aloha should get used to the competition.

"Competition is how our world works," said Rebecca Poling, a go! passenger. "Generally it gets to the top, the people who have the best prices and the best service generally stay in business."

Some travelers say they're simply tired of the legal battles between carriers.

"I think there's enough business for everybody, they just need to put everything out on the table," said Clyde Dowell, a go! passenger.

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