Waves Of Customers On North Shore Won't Be As Big As The Swells

CK Kelly
CK Kelly
Stan Matsumoto
Stan Matsumoto

(KHNL) - Businesses on Oahu's North Shore are hoping for the best, but bracing for the worst. It's because of construction on a Haleiwa landmark.

Crews are fixing the Anahulu Bridge, or Rainbow Bridge, starting Monday. It'll be closed to traffic 24-hours a day, for up to ten days.

Businesses expect the waves of customers to be a little smaller than usual.

"We're expecting it to take some kind of a hit, but we're really hopeful it won't be a big one," said CK Kelly, manager at Surf N Sea.

Others businesses agree, but say the allure of the North Shore will still attract customers.

"People that wanna come to the town are gonna come to the town," said Stan Matsumoto, owner of Matsumoto's Shave Ice.

"You got the waves, you got the sun, you got the surf," said Sunny Kanaiaupuni. "I don't think anything is gonna keep people from the North Shore."

Business owners say the timing is bad, because the waves are now coming, and so are customers.

"This is definitely the busy time of year for us," said Kanaiaupuni.

"Lot of people coming in," said Kelly. "Lot to surf. Lot to watch the surf."

But businesses say the shutdown is only for a short time, so they should be able to manage.

"In the long run, we just gotta bear it and try and survive," said Matsumoto. "We're gonna make it though."

"Better they're gonna take care of this bridge so it's not something that's gonna continue to happen over and over again through the years," said Kelly.

Businesses say they've dealt with road closures before.

Back in 2000, they had to go through 3 months with a bypass in Waimea Bay because of rockslides.

They say they survived that. so they're sure they can survive this.