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Police Conduct Sweep For Stolen Cars

Maj. Debora Tandal Maj. Debora Tandal
Young Yu Young Yu
Chris Lasser Chris Lasser

By: Minna Sugimoto

(KHNL) - The battle against car thefts on Oahu intensifies. Honolulu police conducted a sweep for stolen vehicles in the Pearl City area Friday.

The operation involved officers from that district's Crime Reduction Unit and the Auto Theft Detail. They swarmed five suspected chop shop locations.

Chris Lasser is searching for a diamond in the rough. He's looking for a specific part for his car at an abandoned vehicle yard on Lehua Street.

"Looking for a tensioner for my car," the Aiea resident said. "Just trying to see if I can find one even cheaper than getting it brand new."

Nearby, police are also on the hunt. They're investigating whether the business is doubling as a chop shop.

"We've had a lot of complaints in the area by the bike path," Maj. Debora Tandal, Honolulu Police Department, said. "And we have a lot of cars that were stolen and dumped down here."

The owner of ABC Used Auto Parts tries to keep busy, as officers conduct their inspection.

"They're checking on the different cars and motors and engines and the paperwork," Tandal said. "But so far, nothing alarming."

"I no feel that good, yeah," Young Yu, owner of ABC Used Auto Parts, said. "Not so good. This business that's why. So police came in over here plenty people. Then customer come in. He run away already."

Police say on this day, everything checks out.

"Some people, they bring the car," Yu said. "But we don't, the ownership paper, we gotta check the ownership paper. If no more ownership paper, we can not take it."

Although nothing illegal turned up at the ABC lot, officers arrested three people on outstanding warrants and found a stolen moped while checking other locations.

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