Cooled Off Crook Gets Hot Hands

Betty Markowski
Betty Markowski

KAILUA (KHNL) -- The owner of a Kailua computer business shows some kindness and gets ripped off in return. But now, with technology on her side, she's fighting back.

Betty Markowski sees herself as a trusting person, even though thieves have hit her business, Mac Made Easy, several times over the years. When a young man started loitering inside her store Wednesday afternoon, she let him.

"He looked like a really nice young person," she said. "And he's just waiting for a friend, no problem. It's nice and cool in here. It was really hot yesterday."

She now realizes trusting the person was a mistake. She says he walked over to an area, grabbed two Macbook computers, and headed for the door.

"It was just shocking and discouraging and disappointing," she said.

After the thief came out of the store, he jumped into a getaway car driven by another person. The suspects then left the area. Witnesses were able to take down the license plate number, but police later determined the car was stolen.

"That's a big loss for us," Markowski said. "It takes a lot of computer sales to make up $2,200."

But the young man made a mistake as well. After all, this is a business specializing in technology. Surveillance cameras captured several images, which now appear on the company's website.

"I would like to see him get caught because it's just wrong," Markowski said.

The business is offering a reward for information that leads to an arrest. If you can help, call police.