Striking Kauai Nurses Picket on Oahu

Clyde Hayashi
Clyde Hayashi

(KHNL) - Eleven striking nurses from Wilcox Memorial Hospital passed out flyers in front of two Honolulu medical facilities, but things didn't go quite as planned.

They were basically kicked off property after an hour.

"They're alleging that we're conducting a secondary boycott, we disagree," said Clyde Hayashi with the Hawaii Nurses Association.

The Kauai nurses say they were just handing people some flyers.

"There's nothing that talks about Straub or Kapiolani. We're not asking anyone to not go to those hospitals," said Hayashi.

But the National Labor Relations Board sided with Straub. So the Wilcox nurses cut their visit short.

Then the nurses walked a couple miles to Kapiolani Medical Center. They continued to pass out flyers before heading to the state capitol to do the same.

Wilcox is part of the Hawaii Pacific Health Corp., which includes Straub and Kapiolani. Kauai nurses say the issues they're dealing with, could spread to other hospitals.

"If your nurse was caring for you and 7 other patients, take a look at an hour of her time, how much time does that actually allow her to spend with you?" said Hayashi.

The nurses say they were prepared for a long fight. The strike is now in its 16th week.

"We're in a dire situation," said Ralph Houghtby, nurse.

Nurses say they're planning to meet again with hospital officials next week.

Wilcox officials were unavailable for comment.