City Looks At Possible Affordable Housing Locations

Jacob Toya
Jacob Toya

(KHNL) - After two years of cooking up Okinawan food in Downtown, Jacob Toya learned his landlord, the city, might have different plans for his property.

"We're kind of disappointed because we just started the business and we put a lot of money into it," Toya said.

A new study identified the property along River street as one of four parcels owned by the city that are best suited for development into affordable housing or shelter space for the homeless.

"I know they're trying to stimulate chinatown too," Toya said. "So I think they should keep businesses here maybe rebuild this area for business, not for affordable housing."

Down the block, Kee Sin says his chinatown shop wouldn't suffer if a new project went up

"If affordable housing, I actually don't mind. at least they still working, low income right?" Sin said.

With so many people looking for affordable housing, the city decided to review all of its properties. The study is just a first step, as there are no specific plans for any new projects at this time.

But Toya knows the city is taking a close look at the land his restaurant sits on and he's worried about the future.

"I was kind of thinking it may be best to move," Toya said. "But it may be we have no choice in that matter."