No Strike

The resolution of contentious issues between Local 5 and the Hilton Hawaiian Village is great news.  And that news goes beyond the obvious good fortune of no strike.  By getting issues resolved in a seemingly amicable way, everyone can go to work with a sense of accomplishment, a sense that calmer heads prevailed, a sense that everyone got and gave something.  This is what negotiation is all about, and hopefully this deal will be a catalyst to help get the other hotel and union deals done that are still outstanding.

Sometimes in labor negotiations, egos and positioning get in the way of true common sense.  We have all seen when both sides are unhappy, even in resolution, and it simply can't make for good feelings down the road.  So anytime cooler heads and rational discussion lead to positive solutions, one must applaud the efforts of all parties involved.

Maybe some day the rift-causing partisans in the political world who supposedly have our best interests at heart will figure out how to just get along and get things done.  Think about it...