Six boys. A private courtroom.

Douglas Chin
Douglas Chin
Frederick Rames
Frederick Rames

(KHNL) --  Tuesday, Honolulu prosecutors decided against an open preliminary hearing and instead asked an Oahu grand jury to formally charge a youth soccer coach with sex assault. Frederick Rames was then indicted on 15 of the 27 counts against him.

Legs that used to scurry around a soccer field now shuffle down a hallway at Circuit Court. One by one, six boys go behind closed doors and testify about being sexually assaulted.

"For any parent who has a child who would disclose something like this, that is something that to parents is something they really want to keep private," Douglas Chin, deputy prosecutor, said.

The suspect, 65-year-old Frederick Rames, appeared in District Court Monday. He maintains his innocence.

The long-time soccer coach and foster parent is accused of molesting the boys at his Wahiawa home. Prosecutors say the boys range in age from seven to 12 years old.

"We decided to bring it all together and present it before the grand jury," Chin said. "Let them decide on whether there was sufficient evidence."

The panel decides there is. Rames is indicted on two counts of first-degree sex assault, 10 counts of third-degree sex assault and three counts of witness tampering.

"After bailing out on the initial charges, the suspect had contacted three of the victims and told them to lie to the police, that the police were bullies," Chin said.

On Monday, the coach's attorney said he hasn't ruled out the possibility the boys were sexually assaulted by their own family members.

"Mr. Rames' lawyer is free to say whatever he wants to say," Chin said. "I really don't want to make any comment in response to that, other than to say it's, it's unnecessary."

Rames is scheduled to be arraigned at Circuit Court next week. For now, he remains in custody unable to post a million dollars bail.